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Piaggio Ape 400 Pop-up Box

Piaggio Ape 400 EXTENDABLE

The history of three-wheelers begins in 1947, which nowadays are asso- ciated with the Piaggio brand. Throughout decades Italian engineers have been improving the concept of a little commercial vehicle, so that it could fulfill its function better and better. Today, the icon of Italian automotive industry starts a new life. The vehicle’s body is adapted for Piaggio Ape Classic 400 (pickup). The exterior is made of light, but durable composites and the interior consists of aluminum, which is characterized by low weight and high en- durance.


- The box made of composites and painted accordingly to previously determined color scheme with the possibility of branding (logo+name).

- Manually retracted front module (empty – for own arrangement).

- Manually retracted entrance step.

- LED lights.

- Modules control panel.

- Shelves integrated with a table top made of stainless steel.

- Sanitary facilities: hot and cold water (16.5 L), tap, pump,two-compartment sink, dirty water tank.

- Power supply module: converter minimum 3000 W, batteries 2 x 100ah and minimum three electric sockets.

Sanitary facilities:

hot and cold water (16.5 L), tap, pump, two-compartment sink, dirty water tank.

Power supply module:

Converter minimum 3000 W, batteries 2 x 100ah and minimum three electric sockets.

Automatic step

In order to facilitate more ergonomic entrance to the box, the vehicle is equipped with additional step that could also be electric (on request).

Front module

The front module can be spread apart either manually or electrically (on request). Thanks to the usage of durable slides under the body, it is possible to arrange the front module with various appliances (such as refrigerators, food shelves) only if the total weight does not exceed 100 kg.



The upper module is retracted electrically and is remotely controlled (using a remote control). It enables use of the body by unexperienced people.


On the wall behind the driver’s seat and on the longer side of the vehicle you can find shelves that enable storage of necessary products. The control panel of the electrical as well as sanitary system is also located there (if occurs).

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    Ice-cream version

    The ice cream module consists of:

    - Ice cream refrigerator 8+6 (including 6 in stock underneath) - This module does not offer ice cream containers.
    - Ice cream scoop washer (running water and outflow)

    Other idea?

    Do you have any ideas regarding the interior arrangement of your future Piaggio? Please present it to us and we will calculate the price for you individually.

    Piaggio facelifting

    Piaggio facelifting ( Classic -> Calessino) To give Ape 400 model a bit of retro look.

    Elements to be changed:

    - the front bummer + “nose”
    - chrome strips (the front window)
    - white wheels
    - mirrors and headlamps covered with chrome

    Professional Piaggio Ape upholstery:

    - Eco leather
    - Natural leather