Food carts

When designing our food carts, we focus primarily on quality, ergonomics and appearance. We are up to date with technological innovations on the market. We have constant contact with people running mobile restaurants and new customers. Thanks to this, we are able to respond to all needs and propose the most effective solutions. When designing our food carts, we combine great appearance, quality and ergonomics to obtain the best quality product.

Refined aesthetics

Foodbike’s food carts are characterized by high aesthetics. They attract customers' attention and can easily become a recognizable showcase of the company. An important part of their structure is the roof, which serves a practical function, but is also a stylish decoration. Various colors allow you to choose the right model. It can be adapted to the type and place of serving food, drinks or ice cream (street food). We can put inscriptions, graphics or logos on food carts, which allows our customers to better distinguish their brand. It is also possible to install LED lighting and other accessories.

High quality

The food carts from our offer are exceptionally solid. This is determined by the materials used, including the highest quality stainless steel - powder-coated and corrosion-resistant. The canopy is made of durable material, selected by the customer from a sample. Carts are available in many variants. We offer models suitable for selling ice cream, coffee and cold drinks.


Each food cart in our offer is designed to ensure comfort and ergonomics of work. This is possible, among others, by: comfortable and easy to maneuver wheels. A special handle also helps in guiding the cart, and the textile canopy provides protection against the sun. Depending on the purpose, the food cart also has appropriate equipment - covered ice cream trays, an electric and gas coffee machine, baskets or a beverage dispenser.

Stainless steel gastronomy carts - fully mobile gastronomy

Our food carts are mobile.They are completely sufficient for selling food or drinks, and can be conveniently transported from place to place several times a day. Thanks to its mobility, the food cart can also be placed on the street in front of the restaurant during the day and hidden in the back of the restaurant at night.

Gastronomy carts as outdoor ice cream bussiness

One of our proposals is an ice cream cart. Their standard equipment allows you to sell frozen delicacies, e.g. on the street of the Old Town, on the seaside promenade or in the park. These are the places where you usually meet a lot of people who want to cool down on a hot day. This form of distribution is a great way to reach as many customers as possible, but also to promote the company brand. A personalized food cart with a clearly visible logo will help passers-by remember the brand. The owner of a stationary restaurant or ice cream shop can also promote his ice cream and brand on the city’s streets. In this way, you can sell artisan ice cream or products of a well-known brand as part of a franchise.


The mobile food cart is perfect for selling ice cream. Depending on the model, it is equipped with 6 or 8 flavour ice cream pozzetti, which allows you to sell several flavors of dessert. A built-in temperature-controlled refrigerator helps keep the ice cream frozen during the summer heat. A large capacity, gel battery is installed to power it. Ice cream food carts also have hot/cold water installations, so they meet the requirements of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station.