Food trailers

Food trailers from Foodbike are autonomous sales points that we fully adapt to the needs of your business.

If you are interested in a facility that will allow you to freely sell food products such as ice cream, coffee, sweets or drinks - you've come to the right place. In addition to the fact that the mobile point is fully autonomous, its transport is pure pleasure. All you need is a car with a towbar.


Ice cream trailer 

A food trailer with ice cream is a great business idea

The most popular, proven and reliable business idea is an ice cream trailer. We have many years of experience in refrigeration, so you can trust us. Ice cream coolers and other devices are powered by batteries, so work can take place regardless of whether there is a power source nearby.

Coffee trailer

Food trailer with coffee

A food trailer is an extremely good idea for a business that operates all year round.

A food trailer with coffee will also work well when it's colder. For this business model, we offer a liftable version of the trailer. This is because the lifting version allows you to sell products from inside the ApeBox. The seller can move freely inside the building. At low temperatures, this significantly affects the comfort of work.


For people choosing coffee, we will offer the necessary equipment and advise on all necessary issues.

Food trailer

Our composite trailer offers unlimited customization to sell any product, be it delicious ice cream, aromatic coffee or refreshing drinks.