Piaggio APE 50 BOX
- classic version

Materials & our standards

The interior as well as exterior of the module is made of light aluminium. Each version of the truck has is furnished with sanitary annexes with access to hot and cold water. Power system provides over 10 hours of stored energy. Working and folding tables are made of stainless steel. Each Piaggio is equipped with an information board available to customers, which is attached to the front of the truck.

A version dedicated
for ice cream

Piaggio Ape 50 Box - ice cream

Mobile ice cream truck is equipped with everything that is needed to sell ice cream. Efficient freezer can contain up to 8 cylindrical containers (approx. 40 kg of ice cream) A standard battery allows up to 10 hours of constant work. Disclaimer: If your Piaggio is going to be affected by severe weather conditions such as draught, then we recommend ordering a larger battery, which could boost run time even up to 150% more than the basic version.


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Piaggio Ape 50 BOX dedicated for drinks

One of the unique wedding ideas. Its elegant form
is incredibly eye-catching not only during wedding, but
at many outdoor events. This particular truck is fully
equipped with all necessary accessories so that the only
thing that is left is applying a keg with your favourite
beverage inside.The standard version consists of two taps
that are directly connected to a fridge, shelves and a storage
for wine or beer glasses.

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Coffee shop version/universal

Piaggio Ape 50 BOX for coffee/other products

Mobile coffee shop was designed for coffee drinkers.
The standard version is equipped with a 1-group coffee
machine from Fracino company as well as a coffee grinder.
Inside the truck you can also find a cup dispenser and a coffee
grounds container. Water can be heated thanks to gas
(propane). The truck is also equipped with a small fridge that
can contain products such as milk and other products. If you
think about adding some other features to the truck, you can
easily do so. The interior of the truck can be easily adapted
and transformed into a pancake shop or any other.
It is just a matter of time.

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