Food trailer - Ape Pop-up

Automatically lifted upper part of the trailer


Ape Food trailer - visualisation:

Food trailer from Foodbike

We present a unique Ape, composite trailer, which was created on the basis of the classic Piaggio Ape body. Thanks to its small dimensions and classic design, our trailer creates the opportunity to run a business in places where traditional trailers would not have a chance to fit. Take the advantage and reach customers where the competition is unable to reach. This is a great opportunity to stand out on the market and provide customers with a unique outdoor food experience.

Ape trailer

Our composite trailer offers unlimited customization to sell any product,
be it delicious ice cream, aromatic coffee or refreshing drinks.

ApeTrailer is a symphony of functionality and classic design.
The use of innovative composite materials guarantees lightness and durability, ensuring safe and secure travel. Whether you're at a trade show, festival or on the street, this trailer will provide an unforgettable experience for both you and your customers.


Variety of possibilities

Whatever products you want to offer, our composite trailer is ready for anything. The inside of the trailer is customizable to accommodate the necessary equipment, ingredients and equipment needed to prepare and serve your unique products. The standard equipment includes practical cabinets, sanitary installation with sinks and an electrical connection, which ensures full readiness for operation.


  • Complete trailer which can be moved with a category B driving license.
  • Electrically lifted up body.
  • Bended advertising flaps.
  • Trailer legs and detachable trailer drawbar.
  • Manual step.
  • Set of cabinets and lockers.
  • Retractable front platform.
  • 230V electrical installation with external connection (CEE).
  • Painting in accordance with the specification.
  • Plumbing with hot and cold water, double sink and water.


  • Off-grid gel battery module
    Kit for working without access to electricity 3000W
    on 24V 200ah gel batteries (smaller batteries can be installed).
  • Off-grid lithium battery module
    Kit for work without access to electricity 3000W on LifePO4 (lithium)
    24V 200ah batteries (smaller batteries can be installed).
  • Photovoltaic panel (350W-400W).
  • Trailer branding
  • Ice cream module 
    (ice cream pozzetti 8+6 flavors + scoop washer).
  • Bar module 
    Sliding front worktop with the space for kegs and optional fridge
  • And more.


The electrically lifted upper part of the trailer and the retractable sales counter create a comfortable position for customer service. This ergonomic solution ensures a smooth workflow and efficient operation, even in confined spaces

Easy and smart idea

Join the mobile revolution with our ApeTrailer trailer, and unlock a world of possibilities to delight customers wherever they are. Invest in this versatile and high quality trailer today and take your business to a new level of success


On the wall behind the driver’s seat and on the longer side of the vehicle you can find shelves that enable storage of necessary products. The control panel of the electrical as well as sanitary system is also located there (if occurs).

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    Ice-cream version

    The ice cream module consists of:

    - Ice cream refrigerator 8+6 (including 6 in stock underneath) - This module does not offer ice cream containers.
    - Ice cream scoop washer (running water and outflow)