Model City - two-wheeled cargo bike, one of the best-selling commodity bikes, right after the Big model. What immediately attracts attention is the elegant and functional design. It was designed for easy transport of children and luggage while maintaining a slim shape, perfectly suited to narrow bicycle paths.

The two-wheeled City freight bike has a bench for two children and the Cosi-Maxi seat option is optional. Alternatively, a special seat can be used to improve the child's comfort or a child's seat. City model can also be equipped with a special rain tent that also acts as a windbreaker.

City bike is equipped with roller brakes and full LED lighting at the front and rear of the vehicle. Shimano planetary derailleur with 7 gears will be beneficial during drives. For the most demanding users there is a version with an electric driving aid.

Price: 6 199,00 zł gross - set for self-assembly | 6 499,00 zł gross - bike ready for driving

Additional accessories:

1. E-bike drive

Would you like to buy a BIG model with electrical support? Overcoming longer distances will become even easier.
Qwic engine with power 250W (36V) placed in the rear hub.
Maintenance-free Lithium Polymer battery (LiPo) 36V 10,4Ah.
Battery charging time 4 - 6 hours.
Range 40-60 km - the actual range depends on the battery level, tire pressure, road surface condition, terrain and driving style.

Price: 10 799,00 PLN gross - set for self-assembly | PLN 11 149,00, gross - bike ready for driving

2. Roof for cargo box

Cover made of waterproof material. Perfect for autumn rain and strong sun. Available colors: black, red.

Price: 499,00 zł gross – when purchased in a set with a bicycle | 599,00 zł gross– regular price

3. Cargo case cover

Rain cover for the load box. It protects the interior from dust very well during a long stop.

Price: PLN 139.00 gross - when purchased in a set with a bicycle | PLN 159.00 gross - regular price

4. child safety seat
The child seat for the City model was created for the safe and comfortable journey of our children. Thermal insulation materials provide the right temperature when traveling. Assembly instruction included.

Price: 289,00 zł gross – when purchased in a set with a bicycle | 319,00 zł gross – regular price

5. Baby seat

The baby seat for the City model was created for the safe and comfortable travel of the smallest kids. It is intended for children from 3 months of age. Assembly instruction included.

Price: 419,00 zł gross – when purchased in a set with a bicycle | 469,00 zł gross – regular price

Technical specification

Dimensions: 217 x 88 x 110 cm

Drive: 7-speed Shimano Nexus 7 internal gear.

Brakes: Rear Shimano roller brake, Sturmey Archer front drum brakes.

Frame: Super solid steel frame, powder coated (painting resistant to damage).

Frame size: 50

LIghtning: Two LED lamps at the front, one at the back, battery powered.

Wheels: 26" on the back, 20" on the front.

Cargo loading capacity: Up to 100 kg.

Rear racks loading capacity: Up to 80 kg.

Steps for children: Yes

Load box material: Plywood from European beech wood. Bent panels for greater durability. Rounded corners increase safety (no sharp points); the chest has the PEFC mark (European certification system for wood products).

Turning dampers: Improve the comfort and ride of the bike.

Other equipment:
- two benches for 4 children
- 4 three-point seat belts for children
- full height adjustment of the saddle
- aluminum steering wheel with height adjustment
- fixing to a rain tent
- extra strong spokes
- o-lock type fastening (Abus or AXA)

How can I place an order?

To order your dream ice cream bike send us a message via the contact form or call us directly. If you have any questions we are at your disposal.