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Learn about e-bike system

What is the e-bike system?

It is a driving support kit. It consists of an electric motor with power from 250W to 500W, a control set and of course a battery. The control set is placed on the steering wheel in an ergonomic place. It is activated by push of a lever. Each set has a battery charge indicator and a speed meter.

Why I need e-bike support system?

The set significantly increases comfort in everyday route to the workplace. In particular, we recommend e-bike modules for ice-cream or coffee bikes. Please note that the freezer and batteries are not the lightest equipment.

Why it costs so much?

Testing different e-bike sets, we came to the conclusion that we will not install cheap sets, whose strength and quality is very low. We chose a company that provides very good performance and trouble-free operation. It should be remembered that the price is primarily the cost of the engine and batteries.

E-bike support drive system costs between 4500-5000 pln net