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Terms of delivery

Small packages are delivered by courier companies(DHL/DPD/FedEx).
Pallet orders are delivered by shipping companies like Hellmann or Raben.
Food bikes can be picked up at our warehouse in Lodz, Poland or shipped directly to the place of destination.
The cost of direct transport is about 0,6e/km

Shipments in most cases are sent within 24 hours. The deadline for ordering food bikes and personalized products is set individually.

The delivery cost depends on the size of the order, starts from 18 Euro for a small courier shipment up to 150 Euro for a pallet delivery.

Terms of payment

We enable the use of three payment methods:
1. Traditional bank transfer
2. PayPal - an alternative form of payment.
3. PayU electronic payments - instant transfers, credit and payment cards; and also installment purchases in a partner bank.